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Raffles Financial is an associate of Raffles Capital, a diversified financial company with interest in segregated fund portfolio management, electronic monetary institution, deposit taking company, pre-ipo investments, investment portal and wealth planning with oversight and governance of:

1.  RMB 100 billion real estate projects in Shanghai Bund, Yunnan XiShuangBaiNa, Chongqing Wuxia;  

2.  Investment and public listing of a RMB 10 billion GREAT -Green Renewable Energy Assets Trusts;

3.  RMB 10 billion agriculture cold storage and logistic asset management;

4.  HK Sequoia Capital Asia Pre-IPO Equities Investments - PIE Investments;

5.  HK Sequoia Capital Asia Parks and Entertainment -- SCAPE Investments;

6.  Opensesame Exante Investment Portal of 88,000 global investment instruments;

7.  Brain Asia Blockchain Investments, Vodi chat-commerce app, FanBuy merchant profit boosting app;

8. China MuHuo Intellectual Property Investment & Licensing - Books, TV, Movies, Theme Parks & Malls 

9.  RM 30 billion project & asset management of a 1366 acres Malaysia Melaka Gateway of 4 islands - international cruise terminal, a commercial city, an oil & gas terminal, a maritime industrial park.