IPO, RTO, SPAC - Providing Public Listing Services


What We Do

Raffles makes listing your company easier!

There are too many complicated and confusing going public services available. 

Raffles simplifies all the difficulties and helps your company get listed within months not years.

Raffles helps the going public applicant with guidance, implementation and post-listing services to cut through the complexity, get registered with the SEC and get the stock ticker.


Suite of Success Solution

Suite of Solution

1. Advising on a faster, cheaper, surer listing strategy

2. Assist in preparation of all listing required documents for filing

3. Answering questions on governance, investor-relations matters

4. Arranging for legal & finance team to file SEC registration

5. Adjusting, amending, answering submissions until publicly listed

6. Assisting in post-listing governance, investor relations and M+A


Why Us?

We are a mixed group of entrepreneurs, professionals, legal and financial advisors, pre-ipo/PE investors, listed company directors, shareholders and advisors. Some of us have more than 40+ years of business experience around the world. We have lawyers, accountants, auditors, valuers, bankers, brokers, and analysts who are using their expertise and experience to help companies get publicly listed so that they can raise capital that they need to grow their ventures. We believe we earn our keep for results - to get the company publicly listed



Raffles Financial, a diversified financial services company with interest in corporate finance advisory, IPO investments & arrangement, anchor-investors management, wealth & family office strategy counsel, investment governance & oversight of funds.

Areas of Interest: 

1. Asia AgriTech Fund

2.  Wish Hospitality Fund

3. HuWa MedTech Fund

4. ZhongZi Raffles Fund

5. Asia Angel Investors Fund

6. China Pre-IPO Equities Fund [PIE]

7. GREAT -Green Renewable Energy Assets Trusts

8.  Opensesame Exante Investment Portal of 88,000 global investment instruments

9.  MFund: A RM 30 billion AUM of a 1366 acres Malaysia Melaka Gateway of 4 islands - international cruise terminal, a commercial city, an oil & gas terminal, a maritime industrial park.

All the above investments need to be exited to enjoy investment gain - public listing is a must.