IPO, RTO, SPAC - Providing Public Listing Services



1. Announce: private companies cannot advertise to raise money while public ones can

2. Brokerage: brokers can get investors to buy into fast growing new public companies

3. Capital: listed firms can issue shares, bonds, options & other securities to raise money

4. Debts: listed firms issue convertible debts that can be converted to shares - no need to repay!

5. Executives: Options and shares can be offered to reward and recruit top talents 

6. Flexibility: Investors can buy or sell their shares as and when they prefer

7. Growth: shares can be used to acquire other businesses to accelerate growth

8. Higher Valuations: public companies are valued more than private firms

9. Index: benchmark share price to similar listed companies

10. Justified: listed companies without a long or good track record has an intrinsic value

11. KeepSafe: public listed firm provide protection to ALL shareholders including minority shareholders

12.  Lifestyle: public company ownership offers a systematic & safer investment strategy

13. Money: you can raise more money as long as your business is attractive to investors 

14. Name: clients, vendors, staffs feel more comfortable dealing with a listed company

Fast IPO - If Your Firm Has:

* 300+ ardent biz fans & investors

* Biz & customer yearly growth of 36%+ 

* Return on Sales of 24%+ a year

* Return on Assets of 36%+ a year

* Up, down, side streams M+A targets

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