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Why List


The Contrarian Way

Many companies IPO because they are established and mature.

(but we cannot wait till that day - we need the funds to accelerate now)

The Contrarian Way:

 “Get publicly listed first to raise profile to get the funds to grow”  

But how can an upstart that is unproven, unprofitable and unaudited get listed? 

Why Go Public

  • Raising capital from investors is easier as a publicly listed entity 
  • Provides clear, easy and flexible liquidity for investors, employees, stakeholders
  • Obtain higher company valuation as a public company
  • Enhance company profile and credibility to grow its business
  • Use listed stock as a currency to acquire other businesses for expansion 


  • Cannot afford underwritters, investment bankers, sponsors, advisors, brokers
  • Complex documentation, drafting, verification, submission, clarification
  • Confusing listing criteria & qualifications of different exchanges
  • Cumbersome legal compliance and coordination between the various parties 

Non-US Companies

Even Non-US Companies Can List On US Exchanges

Get listed, raise profile, connect with US investors and market makers to raise funds

Why List In US

Most Funding Sources & Investors Available Anywhere

United States capital market investors have USD 17 trillion waiting to be invested in fast growing, stable and profitable companies especially those listed on the US stock exchanges. The funding sources range from banks, mutual funds, private equity funds, investment funds, venture capitals, angel and sophisticated investors. US private equity firms alone invested $542 billion in 2017. Many US institutional investors and capital market investors prefer to invest in public-listed companies as they are subject to strict corporate governance regulations that deter fraud and mismanagement. Investors can then feel assured that their investments are protected and used correctly to enhance its value. Even private companies are now required to adopt high-standards of corporate governance in order to attract and reassure investors.